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Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

The aim of many SEOs and content marketers is to produce content that ranks for a particular keyword and draws backlinks.

This is where the use of linkable assets is beneficial.

These are excellent pieces of content that organically attract backlinks from other websites, raising the authority and search engine rating of your website. However, what are these “linkable assets” precisely, and why are they so important?

Furthermore, how can you make them efficiently?

We’ll go deeply into the topic of linkable assets in this post, discussing their usefulness, outlining the top seven kinds, and providing insightful advice on how to make them.

With the help of this article, you will have all the tools necessary to begin producing effective linkable materials for your website. Now let’s get started!

What are Linkable Assets?

High-quality, valuable content produced specifically with the goal of organically obtaining backlinks from other websites is known as a “linkable asset.” As a result, you will receive a backlink from other website owners that find your material so intriguing or helpful that they wish to share it with their own audience.

Infographics, lengthy blog entries, white papers, case studies, original research, and more are examples of linkable assets. (I’ll talk about this more later)

Why are Linkable Assets Effective?

For good reason, linkable assets are an indispensable tool for digital marketers.

They aim to provide value rather than merely produce content.

It goes without saying that providing something original, educational, and shareable encourages others to link to your website.

You know, there’s a ton of content on the internet, but not all of it’s of a good caliber. A linkable asset sticks out from the crowd when it is thoughtful, smart, and provides something fresh.

The likelihood of other websites citing and linking to your information increases, thereby expanding the audience for your website.

Additionally, search engines view backlinks as votes of confidence. The authority of your website is strengthened with each backlink, which tells search engines that the material on your site is reliable and worthwhile.

Consequently, this increases the likelihood that your website will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), resulting in an increase in organic visitors.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

It’s not just a backlink; when other websites connect to your material, a relationship is formed. These connections may result in more opportunities for guest posting, improved cooperation, and industry recognition.

Linkable assets have the ability to generate backlinks and provide SEO advantages for a considerable amount of time after they are established, in contrast to sponsored advertising, which ceases to function as soon as you stop spending money. They are therefore an affordable way to improve your internet visibility.

Let’s now examine some of the top categories of linkable assets in more detail.


A visual depiction of data or information is called an infographic. It delivers complex information fast, clearly, and in an easily readable style by fusing interesting pictures with brief text.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

But why do infographics function so well as linkable materials because of this?

  • Visual Appeal: Visual material inherently draws humans in. In reality, research indicates that 90% of information transferred to the brain is visual, and that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than words. Infographics take use of this by presenting data in an eye-catching and memorable manner.
  • Easily Shareable: Sharing infographics on a variety of websites, blogs, and social media platforms is simple. Their capacity to garner backlinks is enhanced as a result.
  • Simplifies Complex Information: One of infographics’ special talents is its capacity to simplify complex information into digestible chunks. This increases the possibility for your material to garner links by making it more readable by a larger audience.

For example, Wordstream has created a straightforward infographic that illustrates the ideal keyword placement strategies.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Case Studies

A case study is a comprehensive examination of a particular occurrence, event, person, or organization over a certain amount of time. It’s a research methodology for investigating, characterizing, and evaluating complicated problems in practical settings.

However, what makes case studies so beneficial for creating links? Here are four strong arguments:

  • Real-World Evidence: Case studies offer practical proof of the efficacy of your good or service. They don’t just display potential or promises; they display genuine results. This strong evidence has the potential to persuade people to link to your material as a trustworthy source of information.
  • Storytelling Element: Narratives elicit emotional responses in people. Case studies narrate a story of change—from issue to resolution, from beginning to end. Your content’s capacity to establish links is increased when you include a narrative aspect that enhances its readability, recall, and shareability.
  • Detailed Insights: Case studies provide in-depth, thorough insights into particular subjects. Because they provide value that is hard to find elsewhere, their content is naturally able to garner backlinks, making them a rich supply of original, high-quality content.
  • Social Proof: A potent type of social proof is a case study. By showing how other people have profited from your good or service, it increases your persuasiveness and trustworthiness. People are more likely to trust your brand and link to your content when they witness the success of others.

One digital agency that uses case studies to record and disseminate information about the efficacy of their marketing services is Smash Digital.

They produced this case study to demonstrate how they used professional SEO to increase a SaaS client’s income by 332%.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

What was the outcome? There are 58 trustworthy domains with high-quality backlinks pointing to this case study, including Singlegrain and Entrepreneur.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Online Tools

Online tools are interactive elements or programs that can be found on a website and offer useful fixes for particular issues.

These technologies are intended to simplify complicated computations, automate repetitive activities, and offer insightful information.

Take a calculator for mortgage repayment, for example. It’s the ideal illustration of an internet resource that offers consumers actual value.

Users can more efficiently manage their finances by estimating their monthly mortgage payments with only a few clicks. This kind of product provides a concrete answer to a widespread issue, making it not only very useful but also very linkable.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Consider the Ramsey Solutions mortgage calculator above. It has more than 19,000 hyperlinks pointing to it as of this writing.

Granted, this did not happen quickly, but it does demonstrate what can be accomplished if a user-friendly tool is developed to address a prevalent issue.

However, mortgage calculators are just one example of the many resources available online. There are several different tools available, and each has a different benefit and backlink potential:

SEO Tools: SEO analysts examine your website and offer comprehensive assessments on its effectiveness in search engine optimization. They are essential for anyone trying to increase their internet exposure since they can spot areas that need work. For example, SEOptimer comes with a number of free tools that are open for usage by anybody. A Keyword Generator, CSS Minifier, H1 Checker, Internal Link Checker, and many other tools are included in this.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Budget Planners: Users can better manage their funds with the use of these tools. Users can receive a comprehensive picture of their financial situation and make wise spending selections by entering their income and expenses.

Fitness Trackers: Users of online fitness monitors can log their efforts, monitor their advancement, and even receive individualized training regimens. They’re an invaluable tool for everyone trying to maintain their health and fitness.

Content Idea Generators: Lacking ideas for blog posts? That issue may be quickly resolved with content idea generators, which offer a constant flow of original ideas to keep your writing interesting and fresh.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

These examples show the variety and adaptability of online resources. Their utility—that is, their capacity to provide people with value and solve problems and offer solutions—is the secret to their linkability.

In addition, people are inclined to share useful content on social media, blogs, and resource pages when they come upon it. The potency of online technologies lies in their ability to be linked together.

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Studies and Statistics

Your secret weapon when it comes to obtaining high-quality backlinks is research and statistics. Why? Let’s examine the causes:

  • Credibility Boost: Research findings and data give your work legitimacy. They substantiate your assertions with hard data, which lends credibility and persuasiveness to your writing.
  • Unique Value: Original research provides distinct perspectives that are unavailable elsewhere. Because of its distinctiveness, your content is much more valuable and has a higher chance of obtaining backlinks.
  • Shareability: Sharing statistics is simple. They may be transformed into charts, infographics, or social media postings, which makes them incredibly shareable and backlink-generating content.

Let’s now examine several instances of how you can produce linkable materials using research and statistics:

Original Research: Perform original research in the field you work in. If you work in e-commerce, for example, you may research what people buy over the holidays. Others in your sector may find great value in your research’s insights, which will motivate them to make connections with your findings.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Industry Reports: Create an industry report using the information at hand. Bloggers, journalists, and business experts frequently link to these papers, which creates a continuous flow of backlinks.

The HubSpot State of Marketing study is an illustration of an industry study that produces a significant amount of backlinks.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Most marketers, I’m pretty sure, are aware of this report and download it annually to stay up to date on the newest developments in the marketing industry.

HubSpot receives a ton of backlinks from this report because of its worth and because marketers prefer to link to it from their own material.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

This page has more than 39,000 backlinks linking to it, as the screenshot above shows.

To put it simply, research and data are an effective means of establishing links because they provide a strong combination of unique value, trustworthiness, and shareability. You can improve the linkability of your material and increase your online visibility by include them in your content strategy.


PDFs that may be downloaded and e-books are rich sources of linkable resources. They are a useful technique for building high-quality backlinks because they are thorough, valuable, and simple to share.

Why Ebooks and PDFs?

  • High-Value Content: More in-depth, thoroughly researched content than a usual blog post or article can be found in ebooks and PDFs. They are more appealing to readers and have a higher chance of obtaining backlinks because of their high worth.
  • Evergreen Nature: The material in ebooks and PDFs is frequently evergreen, in contrast to news stories or blog posts. Long-term relevance and constant backlink building are its hallmarks.
  • Shareability: Sharing PDFs and e-books is simple. Backlinks can be generated in a variety of ways by readers downloading them, sending them to colleagues, or sharing them on social media.

Tying it with Case Studies and Statistics

Statistics and case studies are a great combination for eBooks and PDFs. How to do it is as follows:

  • Case Studies: Your case studies can be combined into an ebook or PDF, giving readers who are looking for actual instances of your product or service in use a single, all-inclusive resource. This improves your content’s linkability as well as its value.
  • Statistics: You may increase the authority and appeal of your material in your PDFs and ebooks by adding statistics. Statistics can be used to bolster claims, show patterns, or demonstrate how successful your good or service is.

Examples of Ebooks and PDFs

Examples of how to use PDFs and ebooks as linkable assets are as follows:

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
  • How-to Guides: Make a comprehensive, step-by-step user manual for your good or service. This benefits your clients as well as draws backlinks from other websites that provide in-depth guidance.
  • Industry Reports: Create an industry report using the data that is available or from your own original research. These papers are very informative and frequently receive backlinks from journalists, bloggers, and industry experts.
  • Whitepapers: Whitepapers provide in-depth investigation or analysis of a certain subject. They are very linkable since they are regarded as trustworthy and authoritative.

Downloadable PDFs and e-books are effective resources for establishing high-quality backlinks. By providing valuable, enduring material that is simple to distribute, you may improve your online presence and position your company as an authority in your sector.

Furthermore, you can generate leads for your organization by using e-books in your inbound lead creation strategy. Indeed, they work well for obtaining links, but you can also use them to increase the size of your lead database.

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Guides, sometimes known as pillar posts, are extensive, lengthy articles that offer in-depth details on a specific subject.

They give visitors to your blog or website everything they need to know about a topic in one convenient location, much like encyclopedic articles do. Ultimate Guides are valuable and comprehensive resources that make them great linkable assets.

Here’s an excellent illustration of a Pipedrive Ultimate Guide-style essay about developing your own sales plan.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

This 6,900 word blog post covers every aspect of sales strategy in great detail. This blog post offers visitors a lot of value, which is why it creates a lot of backlinks for the Pipedrive blog.

This article has 186 backlinks as of the time of writing.

Why are Ultimate Guides Good for Link-Building?

  • Authority Building: With Ultimate Guides, you will be seen as an expert in your area. By covering a subject in-depth, you establish credibility with your audience by showcasing your knowledge and skill.
  • SEO Benefits: Ultimate Guides are abundant in keywords and offer plenty of internal linking chances because of their length and depth. This might raise organic traffic to your website and enhance its SEO.
  • Link Magnets: Because Ultimate Guides are lengthy and in-depth, they are full of keywords and present many opportunities for internal linking. This could improve the SEO and drive more organic traffic to your website.
  • Evergreen Content: Ultimate Guides frequently address foundational subjects in your field that hold up throughout time. Long after they are published, they will still be bringing in traffic and backlinks thanks to their evergreen nature.


A strong linkable resource that can greatly increase your internet presence is a checklist.

They are a powerful tool for building backlinks and an appealing resource for readers since they are succinct, practical, and actionable.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Why Checklists?

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Checklists simplify difficult activities by breaking them down into digestible steps that are simple to comprehend and adhere to. Their ease of use and effectiveness make them a popular resource, which raises the possibility of backlinks.
  • Actionable Value: Checklists, as opposed to other types of material, provide instantaneous, practical usefulness. The information in a checklist can be immediately put to use by readers, increasing its allure and spreadability.
  • Versatility: Almost any sector or specialty can benefit from the usage of checklists. You may make checklists that are pertinent to the requirements and interests of your audience, regardless of your industry—marketing, medical, education, or anything else.
  • Shareability: Checklists are useful, therefore people share them with friends, coworkers, and social media networks, which generates a lot of backlink potential.

Examples of Checklists

Checklists can be used as linkable objects in the following ways:

  • Step-by-step Guides: Divide a complicated procedure into manageable, straightforward steps. For instance, anyone wishing to establish a new website may find great value in this “Website Launch Checklist” that we developed.
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
  • Best Practices: Make a list of the best practices for a specific assignment or objective. Take SendGrid’s “Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist,” which offers businesses a convenient resource for their campaigns.
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Best Practices for Creating Linkable Assets

Understand Your Audience

The first and most important step in creating linkable assets is figuring out who your audience is.

Understanding your audience’s wants, requirements, and sore spots will help you produce content that appeals to them deeply or that they are actively searching for online, which will increase the likelihood that it will be shared and get backlinks.

Here’s how to comprehend your audience more effectively:

1. Conduct Market Research: Establish your customer persona and your target group first. Who do they represent? Which age group are they in? What occupations do they have? What location are they in? You’ll be able to identify your audience more clearly once you know the answers to these questions.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

2. Analyze Your Current Audience: Utilize programs such as Google Analytics to learn more about your present audience. Examine how people use your website, which sites they frequently visit, what material they interact with, etc. These data can offer insightful information about their preferences and areas of interest.

3. Use Social Listening: Keep an eye on social media discussions about your brand or sector. What subjects are people talking about? What queries do they have? You can use this to find popular subjects and issues that people are facing that you can write about in your article.

4. Analyze Competitor Content: Examine the material that your rivals are creating. What subjects do they cover? Which of their articles get the most comments or shares? This might help you find coverage gaps that you can fill and inspire you to create content of your own.

Recall that the objective is to provide content that offers your readers genuine value. The more you know about your audience, the more capable you will be of developing linkable content that satisfy their requirements and encourage interaction.

Keyword Research

Well-thought-out keyword research is a crucial stage in producing linkable goods.

Through this approach, you can learn what your target audience and the general internet population are looking for online. It assists you in determining the subjects that are important and pertinent to them so that you can create material that fulfills their wants.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

Why Keyword Research?

  • Discover What Your Audience Wants: The precise phrases that individuals are typing into search engines can be found through keyword research. These insights can give you a lot of information about the topics and inquiries your audience is interested in.
  • Stay Ahead of Trends: You can identify new trends in your sector by employing tools for keyword research. This gives you a competitive edge by enabling you to produce content related to these popular themes before your rivals do.
  • Optimize for SEO: For SEO, keywords are essential. You may increase the amount of organic traffic to your website by optimizing your content with popular and relevant keywords. This will increase your exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Create Relevant Content: You can be sure that the content you create is worthwhile and relevant to your audience by conducting keyword research. This raises the possibility that other websites may wish to link to your work.

Focus on Evergreen Content

A successful approach to producing linkable materials that genuinely last is to concentrate on evergreen content.

Topics that are valuable and relevant to readers long after they have been published are referred to as evergreen content. They’re not dependent on events or trends that could go out of style fast. Rather, they offer long-term benefits and draw in links over a considerable amount of time.

Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips

The Power of Evergreen Content

  • Long-Term Relevance: Since evergreen content never goes out of style, it may continuously bring in visitors and build backlinks to your website without needing to be updated.
  • Consistent SEO Value: Evergreen subjects routinely rank highly in search engine results because of their enduring relevance. This SEO endurance can draw in more organic visitors and help you keep your online presence.
  • Lower Maintenance: Evergreen content requires less maintenance than time-sensitive content, which needs to be updated frequently. You invest once and profit from it for many years to come.
  • Greater ROI: When compared to time-bound content, evergreen content usually yields a higher return on investment due to its enduring appeal and low maintenance requirements.

Creating Evergreen Content

Here’s how to concentrate on stuff that is timeless:

  • Identify Evergreen Topics: Seek for subjects that will always be relevant to your line of work. These could be “how-to” manuals, advice, case studies, or fundamental understanding of your industry.
  • Use Persuasive Language: Make the information in your content interesting. Employ compelling language that speaks to the needs and interests of your audience in a clear, succinct, and direct manner.
  • Leverage Social Proof and Statistics: Use social proof to bolster the trustworthiness of your material by using case studies, testimonials, and data to back up your claims.
  • Keep It Actionable: Make sure the information in your material is useful and applicable. As a result, it becomes more appealing and is more likely to be linked to and shared.

You may produce linkable assets that have lasting value, regularly rank well in search engine optimization, require less upkeep, and yield a higher return on investment by concentrating on evergreen content. Long after the initial work is completed, it’s an investment that keeps paying off.

Promoting Linkable Assets

Promoting your linkable asset is a crucial next step after creating it. This is the context in which social media marketing, SEO, and other forms of advertising are useful.

Effective Strategies for Promoting Linkable Assets

  • Content Syndication: You may expand your audience, improve your internet presence, and get more backlinks by sharing your material on various sites. Platforms for content syndication like Quuu Promote and Curata can be used for this.
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
Top 7 Linkable Assets and Creation Tips
  • Social Media Promotion: By distributing your linkable items across social media, you may reach a wider audience and improve your chances of obtaining more links.
  • Email Marketing: Distributing your material to your email list can increase backlinks, shares, and direct traffic to your website.
  • Influencer Outreach: Interact with influential people in your field. If they think your work is worthwhile, they may link to it or share it, which will increase its visibility.

Even the most captivating material may not receive the attention it merits in the absence of proper advertising.

You can make sure your linkable assets reach as many people as possible and maximize their potential to gain important backlinks by utilizing SEO and strategic advertising tactics.


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