Podcasts: A Link-Building Boost for B2B Marketers

Podcasts: A Link Building Boost for B2B Marketers

In link-building methods, podcasts are highlighted for their ability to drive natural backlinks and improve website exposure. It emphasizes the necessity of creating content of a high caliber in order to draw backlinks and gives a summary of the five key strategies for utilizing podcasts in link-building campaigns. The essay emphasizes the significance of podcasts for search engine optimization as well as their rising popularity in the digital sphere.

The foundation of a successful link-building strategy is a worthwhile article that attracts links from other websites. Although blog postings are a popular target for links, this article looks at how podcasts might strengthen your strategy.

A link-building approach uses naturally occurring backlinks on other websites to direct traffic to your website and its contents. Links to content that offers readers greater value are preferred by websites, thus as audio content grows more popular, we may anticipate seeing an increase in the number of sites that voluntarily link to podcasts.

Podcasts have the following advantages for developing links:

  • Boosts visibility – Links are one of Google’s primary ranking elements, and you will be more visible to prospective website visitors if you rank well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Builds credibility in the industry – Furthermore, prospective buyers will view you as more reliable and trustworthy the higher you rank on the SERPs.
  • Increases referral traffic – It’s more probable that some of the visitors to a popular website will also visit yours if it links back to you. Consequently, this may result in a rise in your social media followers or email subscribers.
  • Builds relationships – Through guest articles, social media discussions, and email exchanges, you’ll establish valuable connections with businesses and other industry players as you continue your outreach for link placements.

This post will examine five methods for creating links using audio content, including podcasts.

Five Ways To Build Links Using Podcasts

1. Choose the Right Topic

Take into consideration the businesses and sectors you wish to obtain backlinks from before launching your podcast. It’s critical to produce episodes that complement their material and engage their audience. There are two approaches to take in this.

First, you may decide on a specialized podcast subject like “advertising for small businesses.” As a result, your podcast episodes will only be pertinent to websites owned by small businesses, especially those that specialize in advertising. Although finding link placements for this alternative could be more difficult, doing so will definitely establish you as an authority on the subject.

As an alternative, you may pick a more general subject like “advertising” and produce podcast episodes that target various backlink prospects.

Increasing the quantity of websites that have the potential to link back to you is the second technique for link-building in podcasts, which will facilitate outreach.

Upon selecting a podcast topic and title, it is advisable to release a minimum of three episodes, as more than 60% of adult podcast listeners consume multiple episodes consecutively within a single listening session.

2. Host Podcast Episodes on Your Website

Because it gives other websites a viable backlink target, hosting podcast episodes on your website is an essential component of any link-building operation.

You can submit your audio files for your podcast on Buzzsprout or a comparable service, and then you can embed those files on your own website in a section that is separate from your regular blog entries. This can be accomplished in a few different ways:

You are welcome to submit your podcast to other directories, though, such as Google Podcasts, Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

With 37.4% of listeners, Apple Podcasts is the most popular, followed by Spotify with 26.8%. Even though Google only downloads 2.4% of podcasts, being featured here helps you attract listeners who use Android devices.

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3. Be a Guest on Other Industry Podcasts

One of the best ways to become recognized in the business as a thought leader is to start your own podcast. But it’s also very important to guest on other podcasts since it promotes your brand and yourself.

The majority of podcast hosts search for engaging and informed guests who can provide their audience with insightful and pertinent information. So, it should be rather simple to be a guest on industry podcasts if you have a certain skill set, unique information, or an intriguing viewpoint.

You then receive natural attention from the fans and followers of the podcast host when they link to your website from the episode in which you appear. These people may decide to subscribe to your podcast or even buy some of your goods or services.

4. Connect With Other Podcasters

You should establish a useful network of podcasters in addition to appearing as a guest on other podcasts. Getting to know other podcasters is a terrific opportunity to share knowledge, enhance your show, and expand your listenership.

Perhaps you could collaborate on an episode that you both release and distribute. Ideally, this will bring you new listeners as well as backlinks.

After you’ve established enough credibility, you can ask people to be featured on your podcast, which could also drive their listeners and admirers to your work.

5. Personalize Your Outreach

Personalized email outreach increases conversion and click-through rates. Therefore, it is imperative that you tailor your outreach efforts to each possible candidate for a backlink.

Select which of your published episodes are pertinent to each of your outreach possibilities. To obtain a backlink placement for the same episode, you can also send different emails. However, don’t just copy and paste these; instead, personalize them as needed.

Your email outreach should explain to potential backlink prospects the topic of the episode, what area of their content it would fit in well (demonstrating that you have done your homework on the products and services they offer), and how it will help and benefit their website visitors.

Moreover, podcasts enable other websites to incorporate fresh content types into their articles. Therefore, make sure to highlight that their readers will find your podcast episode especially intriguing because it’s not your typical blog post. Global podcast listeners are projected to reach 504.9 million by 2024.


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