How to Earn Links Naturally

How to Earn Links Naturally

Page ranking still heavily depends on backlinks. Indeed, according to the research, pages ranked #2 through #10 typically have 3.8 times fewer backlinks than the top-ranking page on Google.

Obtaining natural, high-quality backlinks is challenging, though. These connections originate from websites that are pertinent to your content and that search engines trust. Not because you paid for or requested a link, but rather because people think your content is worthwhile, they link to you organically.

You need to provide engaging content that readers want to share if you want to obtain these kinds of links.

This post will provide you with all the information you require regarding natural backlinks and offer some tips on how to obtain more of them.

What Is a Natural Link?

A connection that is freely provided by one website to another is called a natural link, sometimes referred to as an organic or editorial link. It is determined only by the content’s worth and is unaffected by demands, fees, or overt link-building tactics.

Unnatural links, on the other hand, are those that were obtained by techniques deemed fake or fraudulent, such purchasing links, employing link farms, or any tactic that modifies link placement in order to improve Google position.

The primary distinction between unnatural and natural links is how they are obtained: unnatural links are acquired by deceptive search engine ranking manipulation techniques, whereas natural links are earned by producing relevant, valuable content that others like to link to without any kind of request.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

These connections can be distinguished from one another by Google’s algorithms. Because artificial connections don’t represent true user interest or content value, the search engine has been known to penalize websites that employ them.

The Different Types Of Links

Links come in a variety of forms that can improve your SEO. When other website owners or content creators link to your website without asking permission, that is known as a natural link. Google adores these connections. Other kinds of connections consist of:

  • Dofollow links are the most prevalent kind of natural connection. They give your website link equity, sometimes referred to as link juice, which might raise its search engine rating.
  • Nofollow links add a unique HTML tag instructing search engines not to distribute link equity. Although they don’t have the same impact on your site’s ranking as dofollow links, they can nevertheless increase traffic and establish your website’s authority.

There is another classification of natural linkages that looks like this:

  • Internal links. These are links that take visitors from one page on the same domain to another. They enhance user experience, aid in website navigation, and disperse page authority throughout the site.
  • External links. They point from your website to another domain and are also referred to as outbound links. They play a crucial role in giving your audience more details and bolstering the authority of your writing.
How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

Several indicators can be used with backlink tracking software to evaluate the possible influence and worth of these links on the SEO of your website. Typical metrics for backlinks consist of:

  • Domain Authority (DA). rates the authority of a website from 1 to 100. Better is higher.
  • Domain Rating (DR). Comparable to DA, but measured from 0 to 100.
  • Anchor text. The wording found at a link aids in setting the scene. Certain anchor texts are seen to be more significant.
  • Link placement. Links that appear larger and higher on a page are given greater weight.

Developing successful SEO tactics requires an understanding of the various link types and how to assess them using backlink metrics. While nofollow links continue to be important for generating visitors and guaranteeing a thorough internet presence, high-quality dofollow links are crucial for raising a website’s ranking.

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The SEO Benefits of Natural Links

Natural links are highly valued by search engines, particularly Google, as they serve as a sincere endorsement from one website to another. A natural link to your content tells Google that it is reliable, worthwhile, and deserving of a higher search engine rating by passing link juice.

Google will view your website as more authority the more high-quality natural connections it receives, which will raise your rankings considerably.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

But the variety of these connections is equally important.

Having a wide range of links connecting to your website from numerous sources is known as link diversity. When performing backlink analysis, you should keep an eye out for connections coming from different domains, links going to different pages on your website, and links with distinct anchor texts.

Search engines consider a varied link profile to be more natural and organic than one that simply has links pointing to the homepage or from a small number of sources.

Diverse link profiles support the authority and relevancy of your website by indicating that a variety of content on your site is valuable to various audiences.

For this reason, relevance and quality should be prioritized over number while developing natural link building. Natural link-building strategies typically entail lower risk and can be more sustainable than artificial or manipulative link-building techniques.

Artificial methods may improve your site’s rating temporarily, but over time, search engines will get more adept at identifying and penalizing these tactics, which will hurt your site’s long-term visibility.

Strategies for Natural Link Building

Gaining organic link equity is crucial to your website’s search engine ranking. But until you have the correct plan in place, you cannot obtain these valuable links. The following tried-and-true methods will help you raise your chances of obtaining more organic links:

Hiring a Specialized Link Building Agency Blue Tree

Building natural links is more difficult than it seems. It takes a lot of work, ingenuity, and time to create high-quality content and employ link-attracting techniques to draw in high-quality backlinks.

Therefore, using a link-building service makes sense most of the time. A company with the resources and contacts like BlueTree can obtain worthwhile backlinks more rapidly and effectively.

At Blue Tree, our expertise lies in developing organic link-building tactics that provide real, sustained benefits for your SaaS or tech company.

We’ve developed our abilities to match brands with reputable newspapers over the course of our more than six years of PR link building experience. We make sure that every link we obtain is earned editorially and is never bought. Our goal is to provide you with a varied and strong link profile that has a 65+ Domain Rating (DR).

Our goal is to save you time and money, therefore our approach is straightforward and doesn’t need much work from you.

Our solid relationships with more than 450 tech magazines and our hardworking team of more than 12 authors are the foundation of our success. Their area of expertise lies in creating content that skillfully incorporates references to your goods and services as backlink anchors. This technique greatly improves your SEO and raises the visibility of your brand.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

We take great satisfaction in providing a full range of services, including planning and analysis, content and link building, tracking, and optimization. Our objective is to make sure that each high-quality article we produce and each link we insert genuinely enhances your brand and advances your long- and short-term growth.

When you work with Blue Tree, you’re not just acquiring premium natural connections; you’re also investing in a strategic partner who is aware of the particular opportunities and difficulties that the tech and SaaS industries present.

With a tried-and-true method of excellent content marketing and digital PR, we will assist you in increasing your monthly organic traffic, improving your brand awareness, and ranking higher on Google.

Creating Link-Worthy Content

You must provide content that is both valuable and interesting if you want to draw in the appropriate natural links. This means that in addition to providing straightforward answers to the often asked issues and problems facing your audience, your articles, films, and infographics should also make this material easy to understand.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

It should be fun to consume as well, ideally.

Evergreen themes are those that will continue to be important over time, therefore you should give them a lot of attention. This guarantees that long after it is released, people will still find your work interesting and, consequently, connect to it from other websites.

To increase the legitimacy of your material and increase the likelihood that other people will refer to it and link to it as a reliable source of information, you should also include in-depth research and data in it. Your material can become more engaging and shareable by incorporating multimedia components like infographics and movies.

Understanding what your audience finds fascinating and helpful, and then presenting it in the most approachable and captivating way possible, are the keys to creating content that is worthy of links.

Outreach and Relationship Building for Natural Link Building

Sometimes achieving natural link-building calls for community involvement and a solid understanding of SEO outreach. Reaching out to others in your niche, such as bloggers or website owners, may be necessary in order to build relationships that will serve as a basis for obtaining links.

This entails writing them individualized letters that demonstrate your thorough understanding of their topics and how including a link to your website will enhance their writing. Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Be personal. Rather than sending out the same email to everyone, customize it for each individual. To demonstrate that you’ve done your study, bring up specific pieces they’ve published or subjects they’re interested in.
  • Offer value. Clearly state why they, or their audience, would benefit from a connection to your article. Perhaps you know of a source that offers further details or a different viewpoint on a subject they’ve discussed.
  • Build relationships. Don’t just make one contact and then stop. Interact with them on social media, leave comments on their content, and make an effort to establish a sincere rapport. They are more inclined to give your suggestion a thought as a result.
  • Participate in the community. Participate actively in industry events, social media organizations, and online forums that are relevant to your area. By doing this, you build trust and increase the likelihood that people will want to link to your material.

Recall that the objective is to establish sincere relationships that may result in organic links to your website. Not only number, but quality is what matters.

Leveraging Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

Writing articles for other websites is another excellent way to obtain natural links and establish your identity and brand. This can boost your exposure and authority in your industry.

The goal is to locate well-known websites that are pertinent to your sector. These websites ought to be in the same target market as you and have good metrics, such as a sizable social media following and a high domain authority.

The next step is to present them with a guest post idea after you’ve found a good fit. In addition to introducing yourself and why your material would be useful to their audience, your pitch should also offer a novel angle or subject you’d like to write about.

To demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to learn about their website and target audience, it’s critical to personalize each pitch.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

When writing the guest post, one must concentrate on producing intelligent, well-written content that offers readers genuine value. The information should be interesting, well-researched, and specifically designed to provide the audience of the host site with fresh perspectives or answers.

It’s imperative that your author bio have a link to your website. But it’s important to approach this carefully. In addition to having a link, the bio should entice readers to click on it by providing more worthwhile content or a particular resource that enhances the guest post.

It’s crucial to proceed cautiously while guest posting, though. Your site’s reputation and search engine rankings may suffer if you post too frequently on unrelated or low-quality websites. Prioritize quality above quantity, and make sure the guest writing opportunities you choose are consistent with your brand.

Using the Power of PR Backlinks for Natural Link Building

Natural link-building and public relations (PR) go hand in hand. Getting backlinks and earned media placements from respectable sources is one of PR’s main objectives. PR backlinks of high quality increase search visibility.

How to Earn Links Naturally
How to Earn Links Naturally

Press release strategy has a big impact on SEO and brand exposure. When you combine resources like research or interviews with insightful material like industry data or expert commentary, you increase their value to these types of publishers and increase the likelihood that you will receive links from them.

This strategy increases credibility by gaining media attention in addition to producing high-quality backlinks with relevant anchor texts. PR has a greater effect on search rankings when it is combined with organic link-building strategies like guest posting because of the enhanced relevance and awareness.


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