Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

In the fast-paced world of today, recommendations and reviews of a good or service count for more than word-of-mouth recommendations or secondary research.

The customer has a better possibility of visiting your website and becoming a warm lead after seeing your sincere, excellent evaluations and testimonials.

Provide your name or title, company name, and website link for this.

7 Ways to Build Links Using Testimonials and Reviews

1. Provide Testimonials and Reviews of Products/Services

Verify that

a. You have utilized them firsthand. It directly affects the caliber and substance of your review or testimonial.

The screenshot below displays a user review with a backlink to the person’s website.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

b. Verify that their intended clientele is your prospective clientele, as a digital marketer who is impressed by a graphic designer’s endorsement or tool review is more likely to look through the designer’s profile and offer him a job.

c. Add a more intimate touch. Explain how you used it, how it benefited your company, and why you plan to utilize more of their goods and services in the future.

In this manner, the content of your endorsements and reviews would increase website traffic.

To create testimonial/review links on other people’s websites, follow these steps:

a. Determine which specialist goods or services your company frequently uses and compile a list of them.

b. Obtain the company’s contact information and inquire about immediately posting your review or testimonial on their website. If not, send them a note expressing your appreciation for their assistance.

c. Provide a video testimonial as support.

2. Post Your Testimonials/Reviews on social media

It functions in two ways:

a. The business may share your testimonial or review along with a link to your website on their social media pages.

View the screenshot below to see a mention on a company’s social media account.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

b. You tag them in reviews or testimonials that you share on social media.

In any case, your company has successfully implemented brand positioning and awareness.

Offer your testimonials to reputable and well-established businesses. In this manner, you attract prospects who are a good fit for your company.

To create social media links for testimonials and reviews, follow these steps:

a. Make a pitch for the company’s social media accounts with your review or testimonial.

b. If approved, use your brand theme in a social media post, story, or clip.

c. In the post’s description and, if required, the post itself, always include your name or designation, company name, and website link.

d. Share it on any social media platform.

e. Send text content and a video testimonial to support it if the business intends to post it on its social media accounts.

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3. Reach Influencers in Your Niche with Your Testimonials/Reviews


a. Your review or testimonial ought to be extremely pertinent to the influencer’s following.

b. Generally speaking, backlinks and mentions without a link are not as good as referring to your website. The influencer’s great authority, high credibility, or long-term B2B partnership plans with them would be the only exceptions.

To create testimonial/review links via influencers in your niche, follow these steps:

a. Do some research, find the influencers in your niche, and rank them according to their audience reach and target. An influencer is seen publishing a message shared by a company in the screenshot below.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

b. Present them with your offer of a review or testimonial.

c. If approved, provide a list of goods and services pertinent to their sub-niche.

d. Compose a review or testimonial for any goods or services you have personally tried and found satisfactory.

a. Include your information and the website link in your review or testimonial.

f. Provide a video testimonial to support it.

4. Write A Testimonial/Review Blog on Your Website and Link/Backlink Them

A sincere, excellent review/testimonial blog is advantageous to readers, reviewees, and reviewers. It’s a respectable strategy for expanding your B2C and B2B network at the same time.


a. Don’t go overboard for a single firm. Rather, create several links in your blogs for various businesses.

b. Use business-related target keyword terms in the description, blog post, or area next to your company name. Inform readers about yourself as well.

c. Use backlinking, guest posting, blog sharing, blog comments, and other methods to establish relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

As seen in the screenshot below, leaving comments on blogs can help develop relationships with webmasters and backlinks.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

To create testimonial/review links using blogs, follow these steps:

a. Do your homework and gather reliable information on the goods or services you intend to review.

b. After using such goods or services for a while, begin documenting your experiences in writing.

c. Only link them when absolutely essential; avoid going overboard.

d. Prior to publishing your blog, email them. Inform them of your endeavors.

5. Backlink Testimonies of Your Products/Services

As you and your user/client discuss the keywords associated with your business, this will improve your SEO.


a. Choose reviews and testimonials carefully before adding backlinks. Select just those evaluations and testimonials that, when backlinked, enhance the value of your website.

b. Provide backlinks to their goods and services that are beneficial to your company.

To create testimonial/review backlinks, follow these steps:

a. You go over the endorsements and reviews you’ve gotten.

b. Sort them based on their value and applicability to your company.

c. Pick reliable testimonials and reviews, or those from a reputable user who is an authority in your field.

d. Find out if you currently utilize their goods and/or services by researching them.

e. Purchase and utilize the products and services that pique your interest if you haven’t already, then start journaling about your experience.

f. Include a backlink to it on your blog, website, and social media posts.

6. Search Listing Websites and Write Testimonials/Reviews 


a. The listed website has a greater Domain Authority (DA) than yours. Take a look at the screenshot that displays the site’s high DA below.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

b. The listing website should include a link to your website, your name or designation, and the name of your firm. Put some business keyword phrases next to your company name, if at all possible.

c. Write a testimonial or review in an approachable tone using straightforward language, but make it stand out from the others.

To create testimonial/review links using listing websites, follow these procedures.

a. Look for listing websites and investigate the target audiences, reviewers, material, and posts on these sites.

b. Find and read comparable endorsements and evaluations from other people in your industry.

c. Make an attempt to make your evaluations and testimonials stand out by including unusual or fascinating details about the good or service. If you have any acquaintance with the business or its creator, mention a brief encounter. Try to utilize comedy in a sensible way.

d. Once more, you need to provide your professional photo and business information.

7. Use Your Professional Network 

Your network’s innovators and product/service launchers would appreciate your candid endorsements and reviews. Your undergraduate and university pals are the first people in your professional network.

Make sure your glowing recommendation or review is impartial.

To create testimonial/review links inside your network, follow these steps:

a. Use social media and your phone to stay in touch with your network.

The screenshot below demonstrates how to get in touch with experts in a certain field to provide site critiques.

Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews
Build Links with Testimonials and Reviews

b. Utilize them when needed or occasionally as a test user, and stay up to date with their announcements, changes, and schemes.

c. Through direct communication, let them know that you are generally interested in their business and that you have used their items.

d. Write product and service reviews and testimonials, then tag or link to the companies.

e. From time to time, do advertise their goods and services on your blogs, social media pages, and website.

f. Take part in a range of gatherings, conferences, seminars, and alumni meetups to expand your network. Compose evaluations of these occasions and send them by mail or publish them on their website.

g. You can post reviews of them on your social media accounts and website.


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