Advanced Link Building Tips

Advanced Link Building Tips

Do you want to rank with the big boys by taking your link building to the next level?

This is where our comprehensive list of sophisticated link-building strategies comes in handy.

Over the course of ten years, as we built thousands of backlinks and improved our website’s Google rating, we learned and refined these tactics, and we’ve gained innumerable strong backlinks using every cutting-edge tactic on this list.

We’ll go in-depth into the sophisticated techniques in this post that can improve your link profile and improve your SEO results.

Gaining an understanding of your target audience, building quality backlinks, and increasing your domain authority will help you outperform the competition.

Now let’s get started.

Broken Link Building

Imagine getting the dreaded 404 error when you click a link. That happens a lot on the internet.

In addition to degrading user experience, these broken or dead links have a negative impact on a website’s SEO.

This is where the concept of broken link building is useful:

Using this tactic, you find these broken links, usually on other websites within your subject, and then create an appropriate content piece to replace the old connection.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Next, you should get in touch with the webmasters or website owners who are in charge of those broken links.

By pointing out the broken link on their website and politely suggesting that it be replaced with a link to your recently developed content, you are doing them a favor in your outreach.

The best thing about this strategy is that it benefits both parties: you gain a valuable backlink that boosts your authority and SEO game, and the site owner receives a functional, relevant connection.

The drawback of broken link building is that it has grown more competitive over time, making it more difficult to obtain connections using this strategy.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the most effective advanced link building tactics available if you’re on a tight budget.

Competitor Link Analysis

Due to its simplicity, competitor link analysis is my preferred method of link building. It entails looking at the backlink profiles of your competitors.

The goal of this study is to identify and duplicate the backlinks pushing your rivals to the top of search engine results pages.

Since you have evidence that their strategies are effective, you should use a similar approach and obtain the same high-quality links.

Usually, this reverse engineering procedure happens in phases.

Determine who your main rivals are in your sector first, and then use a tool like Ahrefs to examine their backlink patterns in great detail.

While there are less expensive options available, Ahrefs continues to offer the greatest backlink data available right now, with excellent filters that help you distinguish between high-quality and low-quality connections.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

The next step is to reach out to the prospects and start establishing a rapport with them. You can convince them that connecting to your material would be a wiser decision or a useful addition to their piece based on the fact that they have already linked to information that is similar to yours.

Another option is to suggest to them topics for fresh pieces that you would like written and that would link back to your work.

We adore this tactic and apply it to nearly all of our link-building initiatives.

Your rivals have already done the legwork for you by locating websites that will link to related content. Therefore, benefit from their labor of love!

Skyscraper Link Building

This strategy’s explicit goal is to:

Improve your website’s search engine rankings by producing outstanding, in-depth content that surpasses what other people in your niche have to offer.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

There are two primary steps in the Skyscraper approach, which was made popular by Brian Dean of Backlinko:

First, you improve already-popular content by adding new, current information, offering more thorough resources, or making it easier to read and visually appealing.

The second thing you do is try to duplicate the backlinks that the already-existing content has already accumulated.

This subsequent phase integrates the preceding tactic of dissecting the backlink profiles of your rivals.

To compile all the links created to the top ten or twenty ranking articles on the same topic, use Ahrefs or a similar tool.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Send them an email with your proposal after that.

Links to the top resources are organically found on websites, and once the linked sites see what you have to offer, your material will stand out from the competition thanks to the Skyscraper Technique.

In my experience, producing content at this high caliber can frequently take a significant amount of time, depending on your niche.

Even if your material is superior, this method is still really simple to use and will get you links from a lot of websites.

Providing customers with something more than just your excellent content—cash, link exchanges, etc.—often makes all the difference.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Resource Page Link Building

Another extremely underutilized link-building strategy that can quickly and easily get you some excellent backlinks is resource page link building.

You start by finding resource pages related to your industry or specialization. These are pages that attempt to gather information for their users by providing links to a range of websites and other resources.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

The site proprietors should then be contacted.

Instead of just requesting a place on their list, explain why your information would be a useful addition to their resource page.

Make sure you aren’t just spamming them in an attempt to obtain links on random lists, and that it fits in with the other information on their page.

If your content speaks to them and is truly helpful, they may add your link to their list.

We’ve also found success by searching for resource pages prior to writing the relevant text.

First, ascertain what kind of material is frequently referenced in resource lists related to your field, and then proceed to produce it.

You may significantly increase your chances of being featured on these resource sites by creating content or resources that speak to your target audience and fine-tuning your outreach.

The quality of the material is important, just like it is for many of the other tactics discussed here.

You can attempt to “brute force” this strategy with subpar content, but by making a little more effort, we’ve been able to obtain a lot more backlinks for our ads.

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Influencer Link Building

Influencers are powerful figures in social media and certain areas, with large followings.

Have you ever noticed his attractive guy around the SEO industry?

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Partnering with them has clear advantages in terms of obtaining backlinks and boosting the authority and exposure of your website.

Reach out to influencers in your niche and offer to work together on projects that could include sharing your material with their following, creating content, or mentioning brands.

By partnering with these influencers, you not only obtain backlinks but also strengthen the reputation and trust that these influencers have already established for your brand.

Their support is credible and has the power to raise search engine results, improve referral traffic, and improve brand awareness.

The best influencers may come at a high cost depending on your specialty, unless you already have a sizable brand presence.

Based on our observations, it can sometimes be more economical to begin somewhat lower on the influencer hierarchy at first.

Go straight for the top and ignore the budget if you have one!

Create a Link Building Pyramid With Tiered Links

An advanced link building technique that might use lower quality, less expensive connections to increase the authority and visibility of your target website is to create a link pyramid, also known as tiered link building.

This is how it operates:

Tier 1: The best backlinks are found at the top of this pyramid. These are the jewels that you obtain from reliable and authorized sources. These premium links take you straight to the page you want to visit.

Tier 2: Links in the second tier point to Tier 1 and originate from sources of lesser quality. By serving as bolsters, these links increase the credibility of Tier 1 sources, which is advantageous for your target page.

Tier 3: Links in Tier 3 reach the sources in Tier 2 at the base. Even though these links may not be as good, they do give some natural variation to your overall link profile.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Be aware that you can absolutely succeed in this kind of link development by using the really low-quality links that many SEOs choose to use.

We advise you to proceed cautiously in this case, though, as there is proof that Google may search across several tiers for spam.

Proceed based on how much danger you can take!

We typically don’t go back farther than tier 2, and in place of pure spam, we employ lesser authority PBN and specialty changes in this instance.

Link Reclamation

The Moving Man approach, also known as link reclamation, begins with finding links pointing to your website that are either dead (no longer functional) or point to unrelated content.

You might need to make changes to URLs, set up 301 redirects, or get in touch with website owners to seek changes in order to recover these links.

Any of the comparable WordPress redirection plugins can be used.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

The link equity on your website is preserved through this approach, which increases its stability over time.

Link reclamation improves user experience and makes sure your digital footprint is correct and valuable in addition to helping you keep your online reputation intact.

It’s similar to giving your online persona a much-needed makeover.

Naturally, this tactic is only truly effective if your website already has a respectable number of backlinks.

In the beginning, newer websites will need to take more initiative to establish popularity.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Similar to the last method, this one is only effective if your brand is well-known.

If you succeed, building links in this manner is quite simple.

Unlinked brand mentions are references to your brand, name, website, or anything related to your brand on a webpage that does not have a direct link to your website. They are also sometimes referred to as fresh mentions or unlinked mentions.

Without those important links, tools like Ahrefs, Google Alerts, or social media monitoring tools can assist you in finding mentions of your company.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

It’s time to get in touch after locating these unlinked mentions. To improve the user experience, kindly ask the owners of the websites or content authors if they might add a link to your website.

Always present things in their best interests, not your own!

Through effective outreach, these unlinked mentions can become a valuable source of authority.

Guest Posting & Building Relationships

Writing and publishing content on other websites, blogs, or online media is known as guest posting.

There ought to be hyperlinks from these articles to your website.

What really sets this tactic apart is this:

  • Increased Exposure: Publishing a guest post can reach a wider readership. Because of the hosting website’s current viewership, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to a larger audience.
  • Traffic Generation: Delivering worthwhile material will help you increase website visitors. Consider it an invitation to your house. Some might even turn into devoted clients or frequent visitors.
  • Establishing Authority: As you consistently produce excellent guest posts for reputable websites, you begin to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You start to have a voice that others respect.
  • Building Relationships: Guest posting is a collaborative platform rather than a one-way path. It’s an opportunity to network with other bloggers and influencers, impart your expertise, and pick up tips from others.
  • Link Building: Links back to your website should be included in guest posts. These connections strengthen the SEO and domain authority of your website by functioning as virtual bridges.

This is one of the most widely utilized strategies in the business for connection security.

Guest posting is arguably one of our agency’s best-selling services; it definitely makes up around 30% of all the authority link building we perform.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Locate suitable locations, make numerous contacts, agree on terms, and so forth.

This is a very scalable technique that reliably generates backlinks for any website at any point in its development (software such as PitchBox are quite helpful in this regard).

Post Original Research & High-Quality Content

Although this approach takes longer to complete than some of the others on this list, the quantity and quality of backlinks you may obtain with it are well worth the effort.

You can use original research by carrying out your own investigations, surveys, or tests and then disseminating the results.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Since this takes a different skill set than most SEOs have, many choose to engage a PR agency for it.

It’s similar to bringing a novel, distinctive viewpoint to the table with content! Your perceptions establish you as a reliable authority in your industry, attracting a keen audience interested in what you have to say.

Providing readers with content that is not only educational but also entertaining and useful is known as pumping high-quality content.

Your writing should be thoroughly researched, presented, and dive deep into the subject, offering answers to issues.

What was the outcome? These two methods draw people in like crazy.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Bloggers will talk about it, link to it, and spread it.

Provide Infographics & Resources

Making captivating infographics engages viewers and transfers important facts.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Here’s a guide to make this happen:

1. Choose a Relevant Topic: Choose a topic that your audience is interested in first. It should be something consumers find both useful and engaging, and it should support your content goals.

2. Gather Data: Examine in-depth information, figures, or crucial insights pertaining to the subject you have selected. Make sure the information you have is reliable and correct. Your infographic’s or resource’s legitimacy contributes to the production of unique material.

3. Design with Visual Appeal: Employ eye-catching colors, images, and design elements to create a visually compelling piece of work. Infographics should be easy to read and understand, so keep the layout simple and uncluttered.

4. Add Value: Provide original thought, useful advice, or workable answers. Make it useful in addition to being instructive. Give the readers lessons they can use in their daily life or at work.

5. Share and Promote: Post your work on your website and use your social media accounts to promote it. To increase the audience for your invention, you can also get in touch with influencers or websites in your niche.

As with the prior strategy, you probably don’t have the same set of talents as us to create an infographic. Rather of handling this internally, we would rather hire for it.

However, similar to original research and content, this tactic can draw ridiculous backlinks for an extended period of time.

Develop Useful Tools & Widgets

Creating practical tools and widgets adds significant value and improves user experiences.

Advanced Link Building Tips
Advanced Link Building Tips

Hold on there for a moment. Without a coder, designing tools is now simple thanks to ChatGPT’s code interpreter.

This is what you do:

1. Identify a Need: Determine the precise demand or issue that your tool or widget can resolve. Think about what might make the lives of people in your target audience easier or more enjoyable. Another option is to just look for well-liked tools in your niche that are currently available.

2. Design User-Friendly Interfaces: Create a user-friendly and intuitive interface for your tool or widget.

3. Functionality: Make sure your creation functions adequately. Test it out a little before making it live.

4. Mobile Responsiveness: Given that more than 90.0% of people own a mobile device, your tools and widgets need to be flexible enough to adjust to several screen sizes, including those of smartphones and tablets.

5. Ongoing Maintenance: To keep the magic going, keep your tools and widgets updated and maintained on a regular basis. As you hear from your users, make the necessary improvements.

Only building basic tools is strongly advised; ChatGPT should handle the most of the laborious work in this case.

The code can then be added to your website using a WordPress plugin.

Promote Your Content Constantly

It’s similar to developing a garden to continuously promote your link-worthy content.

Here are some crucial tactics to help your content marketing campaign become widely recognized:

1. Social Media Sharing: The first thing you should do is post your material on different social media networks. Make interesting posts, add pertinent hashtags, and plan the release of your content for the best possible times. In this manner, you can connect with your target market at their most responsive time.

2. Email & Digital Marketing: Make use of your email list to promote your content. Send out emails with links to your most recent blog entries, articles, and other information you’ve developed.

3. Collaborate with Influencers: Find thought leaders or influencers in your industry and collaborate with them to promote your material. Influencers have the ability to reach a larger audience with your material.

Maintaining consistency over time might yield significant benefits for your link-building efforts.

What to Link Building Tactics to Avoid

When employing sophisticated link-building techniques, stay clear of potential traps that can undermine your plan and harm the SEO of your website.

Here are some crucial things to steer clear of to make sure your strategy works:

  1. Low-Quality and Spammy Links: Avoid obtaining links from spammy or low-quality websites. Your site’s ranking and reputation could be destroyed by these links. When developing links, give special attention to reliable, pertinent, and high-quality sources.
  2. Over-Optimized Anchor Text: Google’s algorithm may become activated and penalties may result from using exact match anchor text excessively. To make your anchor text look less like a planned SEO tactic and more organic, diversify it.
  3. Ignoring Relevancy: Links pointing to unrelated websites are not very valuable. Make sure the information on the websites you want to target is relevant to your industry or specialty. Your backlink profile gains credibility when it is relevant.
  4. Neglecting Content Quality: Your content approach should be strengthened by link building. Getting high-quality backlinks can be difficult if you don’t maintain the quality of your material. Produce worthwhile, viral content to attract natural backlinks.


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