12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

There are some drawbacks to using guest posts as a means of constructing links.

It isn’t really scalable, to start. To establish one backlink for every one to two existing ones, you need a well developed blog content.

It also takes more time, not to mention. The guest posting platform may take days or even weeks to publish the post once it has been written and edited, in addition to the lengthy editing process.

Are you trying to find a more scalable method of increasing backlinks to your website?

We’ve got you covered!

We’ll show you 12 strategies in this post for developing backlinks in 2024 without using guest postings.

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

#1. Focus on Niche Edits

One way to generate links is through niche edit link-building, which involves contacting bloggers or website owners and asking them to put a backlink to your website in one of their already published blog articles.

Compared to guest pieces, niche edits are far more successful since they are:

  • Scalable. It is not necessary to start from scratch with each blog post in order to build backlinks.
  • Easy to implement for the site owner. It can take some time for the owner of the website to upload guest posts to WordPress, format them, optimize them for search engines, and other requirements.
  • Potentially more effective. You’re publishing a brand-new, unauthorized page when you use guest articles. Inserting a link into an already-published post—which has greater authority and is probably going to produce better results—is what specialized edits are all about.

The procedure for building links with a specialty edit is rather simple to follow:

Identifying your prospecting process is the first step in the process. Choose the blog posts that you would like to use your specialty edits in.

If your website is about wedding preparation, for instance, you should include links in posts about:

  • Wedding planning tips
  • Wedding planning checklist
  • Wedding planning guide

And so forth.

Next, you should search for these subjects on Google and pull out the blog entries that appear for these (or related) keywords.

Lastly, you should obtain the bloggers’ contact details, get in touch with them, and make an offer in exchange for a hyperlink from a specialty edit.

#2. Create Long-Form, Authoritative Content

It is significantly simpler to build links when you have high-quality SEO content that people want to connect to.

Your blog post probably won’t attract many links if it talks on the “Top 5 Benefits of SEO,” for instance.

The subject is really simple and has been repeatedly discussed by thousands of bloggers, media outlets, and search engine optimization specialists.

What you should really aim for is something like “101 Most Important SEO Tips for 2024.”

However, there are two reasons why this piece has a much higher chance of obtaining backlinks for you:

  • It offers far more value because it is thorough and long-form.
  • It’s relevant, with the most crucial advice for 2022 included (rather than some advice that might be out of date).

#3. Publish Statistics Articles

Typically, bloggers will search for the following kinds of keywords on Google when they wish to incorporate reliable sources or data into their articles:

  • [topic] statistics
  • [topic] trends
  • [topic] data

After that, they quickly scan a few articles, select the one with the most intriguing statistics, and cite (i.e., provide a link to it) from their most recent blog entry.

With no marketing work needed, the website that posted such an article essentially just received a free backlink!

Most likely, you already see what we’re getting at.

Write articles about related subjects to automatically build backlinks to your website. Your statistics article will probably acquire you some high-quality links if it is longer or better than what is now ranking!

#4. Try HARO

A marketplace called Help a Reporter Out, or HARO, connects reporters and sources.

When a journalist sends out a request for information, providing specifics about the kind of source or information they are seeking for, sources get in touch with the journalist and offer to help with the story.

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting
12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

It’s not too difficult to use HARO for link-building without guest blogging.

Just register, keep an eye on the daily emails, and send out a pitch whenever a source request appears on a subject you are knowledgeable about!

As a “thank you” for the knowledgeable analysis, the journalists will almost certainly include a backlink to your website in the piece.

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#5. Do Competitor Backlink Outreach

There’s a good probability that a website that links to one of your competitors will also likely link to you.

Thus, you may obtain a comprehensive list of all the websites that link to each rival by running competitor websites via Ahrefs or SEMrush:

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting
12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

Gather all of this information and locate the blogger contacts who have linked to your rivals.

After that, make contact with them and provide an offer in return for their reciprocation. Here are a few things you could try:

  • Describing the ways in which your website, item, or post is superior than those of your rivals. For instance. “I noticed that you mentioned [product] in your blog entry. Our product is similar as well, however there are [differences]. Would you be willing to write about our goods as well? We will gladly send a complimentary sample.
  • In return, provide a backlink for them. For instance. We can obtain a free backlink for you from a guest post we’re doing the following week, if you agree to link to us as well.
  • Offer the link’s purchase price. For example, “We would like to give you X USD in return for a link back to our website.”

#6. Get Featured in Media

It’s a little difficult, but when it does work, it works quite well.

What you should do is as follows:

Put together fresh research on a subject related to your area of expertise and produce a captivating report, infographic, or webpage about it.

After that, get in touch with reporters who have already covered related subjects to present your brand-new resource.

See this post for samples of link bait to gain ideas for the kinds of materials you might be able to make.

#7. Create Roundup Posts

Here’s a really easy method to obtain a ton of backlinks without doing any guest posting.

Choose a subject for your niche’s roundup article. Since we specialize in SEO, for instance, we may create a compilation topic called “10 Up and Coming SEO Influencers in 2024.”

After writing the piece, get in touch with the person you highlighted to let them know you mentioned them or included a link to their website.

Next, ask them to link to the article in their most recent blog post or share it on their social media accounts in order to help you promote it. With just one blog article on your own website, you were still able to achieve two to four backlinks, even if very few people follow through.

#8. Negotiate Link Exchanges

Building backlinks without guest posting is facilitated by link exchanges.

A ranking boost is something you can actually provide to other website owners that will benefit you and them alike!

However, there is considerable danger involved because Google views link exchanges as violating their webmaster guidelines:

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting
12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

So, how may link swaps be done without running the chance of being punished?

Thankfully, there IS a solution!

One option if they are more risk averse is to exchange ABC links. Rather than exchanging links directly with a website, you involve a third website in the exchange:

  • Site A links to Site B
  • Site B links to Site C
  • Site C links to Site A

In this manner, there is no proof that a link exchange ever took place!

#9. Promote Your Blog Content (And Build Links Organically)

Once an article is published, most SEOs just start working on the next one.

You want to try to get your content in front of as many people as you can, so this is clearly a missed opportunity. In the end, the likelihood that someone will enjoy the piece and link to it from their website increases with the number of readers you receive.

Thus, when posting an especially fascinating piece on your site, adhere to our guidelines for content promotion:

  • Repost it on your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Share it on your personal profile (if you have friends who blog about your niche)
  • Submit it on different social media platforms (HackerNews, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Reach out to your email subscribers letting them know about the new article
  • Promote the post in different Facebook groups in your niche

#10. Use HARO for Roundup Posts

Here’s an intriguing method to use HARO in the capacity of a “journalist.”

Instead of searching for people to include online for your upcoming round-up post, just submit a query on HARO.

If your theme is “10 Most Common SEO Mistakes,” for instance, you may ask sources to list the most common faults they believe to be.

Once the piece has been published, ask the sources to help you promote it by linking to it from their own websites. After that, choose the most intriguing responses for your article.

#11. Create Useful Web Resources

Making materials that people would undoubtedly link to is one of the best strategies to increase backlinks without guest posting.

The website grader from HubSpot is a fantastic illustration of this.

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting
12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

A straightforward tool developed by HubSpot provides you with a grade based on the speed, SEO, mobile friendliness, and security of your website.

They didn’t even had to raise a finger to obtain the massive amount of organic backlinks that you can see below thanks to the technique.

12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting
12 Backlink Strategies Beyond Guest Posting

You might also produce the following other kinds of helpful online resources:

  • Online calculator (e.g. “calory calculator”)
  • Information hubs (e.g. a page with hundreds of recipes)
  • Checklists
  • Free web apps

#12. Give Testimonials

If you are somewhat of an authority or specialist in your field, you really should try this one.

If a testimonial from a different website or business links back to your website, you can provide them a free testimonial for their product.

For instance, if you’re a fitness influencer, you may provide a review for a company that makes weightlifting gear.

Both parties stand to gain from this. You receive a free backlink and the website receives a testimonial!


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